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QuestionDid David die at the end of Regenesis? Answer

I wish I knew, your guess is as good as mine. My personal take on it is that he didn’t because just before the camera pans away, he groans and moves his head. I think they intentionally left it open for viewers to interpret it in their own way.

I wish I had asked Peter that question when I met with him last year (and maybe I did but forgot what he answered), and I could have also asked Christine Jennings when we briefly chatted in Toronto. :-\

Let’s just think positively and assume David survived, how about that? :-)

"When the producers told me what his deal was, I sort of approached it from the view of, ‘okay’. He’s a believer of God. He’s not pretending. He’s not like one of these sham artists down in the States who pretends to speak about God but not really believes in God. He really is a religious man. He has faith. And he’s also a scientist and so he’s trying to combine the two philosophies and find some sort of middle ground between the two of them."
— Peter Outerbridge about his role as Hank Johanssen, a modern day evangelical scientist [x] (via clonespiracy)

Amber Dowling talks to Peter Outerbridge about his role on Orphan Black in season 2


"Will you still need me?"

Peter Outerbridge as Henrik “Hank” Johanssen

Don’t miss him in season 2 of Orphan Black - premiering April 19 on BBC America

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QuestionHi, do you know where I can watch the movie "Intimate Stranger"? Peter Outerbridge is in it and I really want to see it but I can't find it anywhere. :( Answer

The only way I know how to watch the movie is to either catch a rerun on Lifetime (if they air it again in the future), or to buy the DVD in the History Channel online store:


I was just going to make some gifs for fun and then I ended up at the last episode of ReGenesis and made myself cry

you’re welcome


Some of the Bomb Girls cast talk about the 2 hour movie, the fans, and whether there might be more.

It’s not too late to save Bomb Girls!

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We’ve waited a long time for it, and it’s finally here: Bomb Girls – Facing The Enemy is airing on March 27 on Global TV. It’s a very bittersweet time for the Bomb Girls fans, because it may well be the very last time we see our Victory Munitions family on TV.

But not all is lost. There may be a chance that Global could be convinced to produce more Bomb Girls movies, but we need to tell them how badly we want to see that happen.

Fans rallied and posted over 1,000 tweets to @Netflix on International Women’s Day, March 8th. Now we’re calling on the troops once again to join our next Twitter trending party: On March 27, starting at 7pm ET/PT, log on to Twitter and tweet #SaveBombGirls to @Global_TV and tell them you’d like to see more Bomb Girls movies. You can also help us live-tweet during the movie to get #SaveBombGirls or #BombGirls trending.

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So what do I need to do to win a Victory Bandana?

Just tweet the #SaveBombGirls hashtag to @Global_TV on March 27, and we’ll randomly pick three winners who will each get a Victory Bandana like the one Ali Liebert is holding. The winners will be contacted via Twitter for their addresses and contact details.

There’s no time to lose, Bombshells. United we are strong. GO GET ‘EM!

The season 2 premiere of Orphan Black is getting closer, and BBC America just released a first photo of the new cast. Just in case you haven’t spotted him, Peter is in the far right corner. Yes, that’s right. The one with the cowboy look.

Orphan Black season 2 premieres April 19 on BBC America.


Holy doodle! Fans certainly did their part on International Women’s Day!

An incredible 1,200 #SaveBombGirls tweets and retweets were posted, including over 1,000 that were directed at @netflix according to all the analytics we ran. What an amazing response! Hopefully Netflix got the message! So what’s next? Read the full post!


Save Bomb Girls makes the Canadian news!

The Save Bomb Girls website was featured last night in a segment of CBC’s news program “The National.” 

Holy doodle!

It’s finally been officially confirmed: The Bomb Girls movie, called Bomb Girls – Facing The Enemy, will be coming to Global TV in Canada on March 27, 2014 at 8pm ET/PT. Peter Outerbridge will be reprising the role of Bob Corbett. Air dates for countries other than Canada have not been announced yet, but Reelz channel in the US is said to air it in late spring.

Moreover, if you’re interested in helping to save the show, check out the latest Twitter campaign on the Save Bomb Girls website where fans are encouraged to tweet #SaveBombGirls to @netflix on International Women’s Day, March 8th.