Peter Outerbridge reprises his role as Magnus in the 6-minute digital webseries clip for CTV’s The Listener


William talking to John.


William talking to John.

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QuestionIs peter a natural blonde because in his earlier days his hair look really brown. Answer

As far as I know, he wears his hair undyed in most of his roles. The one exception I’m aware of is the Murdoch Mysteries TV movies, where he had it dyed darker. He wears his natural hair colour in Nikita and Orphan Black, for instance. However, I’m no expert on if and when he had his hair dyed in the past, he’d have to confirm that himself. I hope that answers your question. :-)


I’m not like other proletheans. I’m a cool prolethean.

Wishing Peter all the best on his 48th birthday. Many happy returns!

"When the producers told me what his deal was, I sort of approached it from the view of, ‘okay’. He’s a believer of God. He’s not pretending. He’s not like one of these sham artists down in the States who pretends to speak about God but not really believes in God. He really is a religious man. He has faith. And he’s also a scientist and so he’s trying to combine the two philosophies and find some sort of middle ground between the two of them."
— Peter Outerbridge about his role as Hank Johanssen, a modern day evangelical scientist [x] (via clonespiracy)
"The Helena revenge scene was sparely scripted and had little dialogue, but the actors were given free rein to improvise, partly because we were running out of time. The use of the pipe, the other props, and much of the dialogue (“you think I’m trying to be funny”) was all improvised. So all props to Tatiana and Peter Outerbridge. They had a lot of fun on set that day—in a creepy way."
— The Hive Recap: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done [x] (via clonespiracy)


I knew Bob from Bomb Girls/ Henrick from Orphan Black had played an iconic transgender role at some point. I just watched Better Than Chocolate and didn’t realize until the credits that Jody was Peter Outerbridge. Excellent job, sir. You are fantastic in everything.


Brad & Ty Borden

Orphan Black - Episode 2x09

So long, Hank Johanssen. You will (not) be missed.

"There is an endgame, but it’s simpler, it’s not so sinister as world domination. It’s more megalomaniac than that. He wants to be a part of the new wave of humanity. Once he finds a clone that’s capable of conceiving — he thinks that’s the spiritual movement — he is going to be the father of all of these children."
— Peter Outerbridge on ‘What is Henrik’s ultimate end goal if Helena can conceive, like Sarah’ [x] (via clonespiracy)


Leave Helena alone, you creep!!!!  Trailer S01E03 



Episode 1x13 “The Longest Night”

Finished watching ReGenesis. Really liked it at fist. Last 2 seasons were bad though… especially the whole Jacobson’s organ/empathy story… NO.

Couldn’t agree more. It went downhill from season 3, and season 4, especially Bob’s storyline, didn’t live up to the show’s previous quality.

Peter Outerbridge in episode 2x02 of Orphan Black

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